Technology solutions for non-technical business leaders.

Does technology feel more like a headache than a strategic advantage?

2020 has proven that businesses need to have a strategy to run their key processes with technology. From restaurant menus to curbside pickup, businesses that used technology in innovative ways have succeeded far better than those who have not.

This isn’t a new trend. In manufacturing tracking work orders, printing labels and job travelers, communicating progress to clients are all tasks that are costly and time consuming without a strategic use of technology.

Contollo Consulting is here to help!.

Here at Contollo, we help our businesses implement meaningful strategies to streamline even the most challenging business process! Oh, and don’t worry about your staff not being technical! A proper use of modern technology in business environments is easer than pen and paper, and more accurate too!

Our Proven Process Creates a strategy to finally see real business benefit from Technology!

During the COVID crisis, we have been helping our clients leverage technology by:

  • Implementing solutions for paperless compliance to FDA, USDA, FRA, FAA, and Local, State, and Federal standards
  • Creating applications to reduce costs related to labor relationships including.
    • Up to 4% savings on overspent wages
    • Risks of lawsuits and fines related to equal opportunity employment
    • Training and safety related compliance
  • Building data analytics tools that:
    • Help build faster, higher quality, and lower cost construction projects
    • Perform inventory functions such as
      • Logistics cost tracking and reductions
      • Tariff and import cost tracking
      • Logistics mapping
      • Network optimization
      • Vendor performance tracking

How Are We Different?

We understand that time is money.

Technology strategies must bring value quickly to be worth the investment. We work to understand our client’s biggest pain points and create solutions to sove them quickly.

Return of Investment.

Our solutions are designed to do more than just implement technology, they also bring immediate and measurable value.

We create solutions

Nothing is worse than a consultant who tells you what to do, then leaves you to do the work! At Contollo, we not only help develop the strategy, but our team of technology professionals help you implement it!


According to Forbes, 75% of all technology projects fail. Only 3% fail for reasons related to technology, the rest are caused by a lack of strategy.

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